Act V
56. Why does Theseus dismiss the stories of the four young people?
Theseus decides that they have fought enough, and they are in love, so they might as well settle it all and get everyone married.

57. Why does Theseus choose to see the play about Pyramus and Thisbe rather than the other entertainments?
Theseus chooses the play because it's about love, and the party is a wedding.

58. Why does Philostrate try to keep Theseus from seeing the play? What does he say is wrong with it?
Philostrate does not want Theseus and the wedding guests to see the gore of the play. He says it is not the right play for a wedding.

59. What does Theseus mean by the lines, "For never anything can be amiss, when simpleness and duty tender it"?
The play cannot be wrong, it only has simpleness and duty to offer.

60. What is accomplished by having the Prologue tell the whole story that the actors are then going to enact?
The prologue helps everyone understand the story line, and then the ladies will not be scared of unexpected surprises.

61. How does Shakespeare use comments from the audience to enhance the humour of the play that they are watching?
Shakespeare uses comments from the adience such as "well moused, Lion" to show that the audience sees the play as a comedy.

62. What is Hippolyta’s reaction to the play?
Hippolyta at first thinks that the play is going on too long, hoping that Thisbe will be brief. After the tragic end, Hippolyta and the entire audience are moved.

63. In what way is Thisby’s final speech humorous?
?? How is Thisbe final speech humorous? She is saying her love is dead and then stabs herself. Need help!

64. What does Oberon tell the fairies to do?
Oberon tells the fairies to sing and dance for him.

65. What is the purpose of Puck’s final speech?
Puck's final speak is to tell the audience, "if you didn't like this play, it was just a dream". This adds to the title, "A mid summer night's dream"

Extending the thought process:

FInd at least one example of each of the following that occurs during the play within the play. Write down the quote that illustrates example.

excessive alliteration "Myself, the man in the moon..." "Lily Lips..."

breaking the play’s illusion of reality Pyramus "No, in truth sir, he should not. Deceiving me, is Thisbe's cue."

using the wrong word or name Pyramus "...and, like Limander, am I trusty still."

repeating a word excessively Pyramus "Now die, die, die, die."

ridiculous metaphor

a) In reading the play-within-a-play, we become the audience for the drama played out by Theseus, Hippolyta, and the others. These performers, in turn, form the audience for the reenactment of Pyramus and Thisbe. How does observing another audience help you understand the relationship between audience and performers?

Observing another adience gives us all whole new perspective; how the adience reacts to the play. We can see little things like facial expressions, which tell us much more than just watching the play.

b) Modern television shows often create comic effects by having a silly, innocent, or “clueless” character and a sarcastic, knowing, clever character play off of each other. What examples can you think of?

-tweety bird and sylvester
-Gregory House and his team

c) Identify ways in which Pyramus and Thisbe might be unsuitable for a wedding celebration. Are there any ways in which the play might be appropriate? In what ways is the play-within-a-play an ironic commentary on what the two pairs of young lovers (Demetrius and Helena, Lysander and Hermia) have gone through earlier?

The play Pyramus and Thisbe is unsuitable for a wedding for a number of reasons; the tragic ending, the ladies being frightened, and the fact that Pyramus and Thisbe cannot be married and are not allowed to see each other. This play within a play is ironic because of how the young lovers have acted the night before; with the pansy juice, Lysander and Demitrius are not faithful like Pyramus and Thisbe, they scorn their previous lovers and fight for Helena.
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